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Welcome to Elevate Fitness Pocatello!

Elevate Fitness originally started up as a Group Fitness Studio on July 1, 2019 as Elevate Fit-Train-Bootcamp. We specialized in HIIT Bootcamp and that was our main class for a long time. The more we grew, the more we realized we needed to expand our classes and that was when we introduced High Fitness to the mix. Seeing growth with new classes made us want more, so, we just kept adding classes, like Upbeat Barre, TRX and Strength & Conditioning. In 2022, we were asked if we were interested in taking on Fitness Inc. in Pocatello. We decided to combine the two businesses in August 2022 & that is how we became a full service gym. Not only did we have a lot more classes, we also have a lot more upgrades to make to the gym. We are taking it one day at a time and hope that in the next two years we can make Elevate the best gym in #Pocatello #supportlocal #locallyowned #veteranowned

Come try us for a week for FREE and subscribe so you are always in the know when we have amazing specials! #elevatefitnesspocatello #elevatefitx

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