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Why should I lift weights?

Weight lifting isn't just for body builders! It is for everyone and here is why....

It helps build bone strength & muscles strength. Any ability, any age, it doesn't matter! What matters is knowing the proper way to lift weights and the benefits. If you haven't ever lifted weights or you feel intimidated by the equipment, make sure to ask us to show you or sign up for one or two personal training sessions so a trainer can assist you. Elevate Fitness has a room for everyone.

Back to why you should lift weights. Has your doctor ever told you that your blood pressure, blood sugar or emotional health needs some attention? Have you complained about pain or just want to feel more confident? Well, these are just a few reasons to start lifting weights. "Weight training has been shown to improve blood pressure, blood sugar (diabetes), brain health, bone density, cholesterol, chronic pain, heart disease, depression, metabolism, self-confidence, thinking & learning skills, & weight management" (mayo clinic).

Now that you know why you should lift weights, it is important to learn how to lift weights. That way your body will handle it well. Proper form is one of the most important parts of weight lifting. If you haven't looked on google, please come talk to one of our trainers or ask someone to show you. Once you get into lifting weights & reaping the benefits, you will appreciate the gym and yourself more. Our gym has an upstairs circuit training section with specific machines for every muscle group or a private group fitness room with free weights. Downstairs we have heavier equipment for heavier lifting & another large group fitness room that is also a full functional fitness room with dumbbells, kettlebells, slamballs, medicine balls, battleropes, bands, a sled push & more. Come check it out! First week is FREE!

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